Candy Crush: Little Flower Candy Company – Pasadena, CA

If Donut Friend is your new BFF, then Little Flower Candy Co. is your new crush who’s super into urban gardening, artisanal cooking, and probably has an etsy shop.

Little Flower Candy Company is about as cute as the name may suggest. But there’s also more to it than its namesake. I mean, yes, there are perfectly-packaged, delicious candies that are made in-house. And, yes, there are indeed little flower arrangements on each table (that you can purchase, if you so fancy). But they also fry up some mean bacon and eggs.

Little Flower is located on Colorado Blvd. straddling Eagle Rock and Pasadena, on a frontage road facing the 134 highway. It lacks the convenient location of Colorado Blvd’s main drag (where you can find neighborhood favorites like The Oinkster and Four Cafe), but this makes it actually feel like a true hole-in-the-wall.

You order at the counter and seat yourself, and while you wait for your food, you can browse the sweets, Definitely try one of their famous caramels, which come in 3 varieties: sea salt, vanilla, and lemon. Or try a puffy marshmallow in vanilla, cinnamon sugar, chocolate or coffee flavors.

I got the breakfast sandwich which features two perfectly fried eggs (over easy yolk, but doesn’t run all over the place); thick, crispy bacon and sweet, caramelized onions. And that’s about it. It’s a simple, well-made sandwich with fresh, delicious ingredients, and it just hits the spot. The breakfast burrito and quiches as well as a myriad of sandwiches, soups and salads in the lunch menu look equally simple and delicious. And with most items under $10, you’ll have a few spare bucks to splurge on candy and pastries.

Los Angeles has no shortage of little cute shops. But Little Flower is much more than an amalgam of over-priced quirky indie tropes; it perfectly combines quirk and charm with excellent quality and elegance.

1422 W Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105

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