Eating In

Earlier this month, Stu made a New Years Resolution (sort of?) about eating reasonably. So in the spirit of being reasonable, I’m sharing some alternatives to eating out.

Look, I know this is not a cooking blog. But this is a blog about what two men choose to chew in their daily lives, and this particular man cannot afford to chew at restaurants for every meal! It’s just not fiscally responsible! Sometimes, you gotta eat in. And up until pretty recently, eating in for me meant leftovers or [INSERT-YOUR-MICROWAVABLE-MEAT-STUFFED-POCKET-OF-CHOICE-HERE]. It doesn’t have to be that way! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good ol’ fashioned Hot Pocket or Kirkland Signatures Chicken Bake as much as the next guy, but I have recently discovered that with little more effort than it would take to nuke a frozen burrito, you can make something exponentially more delicious. All thanks to the magic of YouTube.

Have you heard of this thing? YouTube? Apparently, they show videos on the interwebs? Haha, of course you know that. Even your grandma emails you about funny cat videos on the YouTube. ANYWAY, YouTube is a great resource for cooking demonstrations. I usually search for “how to make the perfect [THING I WANT TO EAT]” and I get a pretty comprehensive tutorial, sometimes from world-class chefs. I tend to get a little intimidated by written recipes even if they are “quick and easy,” so video tutorials do a perfect job of demystifying certain elements of the kitchen for me.

The first of these videos that has changed my culinary home life is this one on how to make scrambled eggs. “Scrambled eggs? That’s like the easiest thing to make!” you say. AH! But apparently we are all doing it wrong, according to Gordon Ramsay:

BOOM! Who knew you weren’t supposed to beat or season those eggs before?!! Who knew you had to alternate between on and off heat?! WELL… I have been using this new technique on my eggs every morning since I learned this, and it does make a huge difference. Every morning feels like a FANCY FEAST now! I have used Marscapone in place of Creme Fraiche, as well as cut out the dairy part altogether, and the eggs are still creamy and delicious! Sometimes when I make these, I also like to say “On the heat, off the heat” in a British accent and pretend I am Gordon Ramsay.

Next up: Steak – it’s what’s for dinner! Again, I give you Mr. Kitchen Nightmare himself:

What I like about these two recipes is that there is no measuring involved, there are minimal ingredients,  and total cooking time is about 10 minutes each. In fact, they feel less like recipes and more like more basic kitchen techniques (i.e. lessons in searing and seasoning) that can be the foundation to a lot of other delicious meals.

Of course, when you are scouring YouTube for new techniques and recipes, make sure to be discerning about which tutorials you follow. Otherwise you could end up with this:

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