Super Bowl Sunday, A Time For Pork-flection

Football is widely considered among Americans to be the greatest sport, with powerful players using strategy and cunning to plan their attacks as they move toward their goal – it’s like chess, but with balls. I don’t really know much about throwing the ol’ pigskin, but I know about shoveling pigskin into my mouth. At this, I am MVP.

With Super Bowl XLVIII upon us (I can’t believe that there have already been XLVII of them), I’d like to take a moment to review the best of the past season of pigskin (…etc) with Two Men Chew’s pork highlight reel:

Silverlake Ramen's "Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen"

Silverlake Ramen’s “Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen”

At Silverlake Ramen, we discovered that the fatty goodness of pork belly is the perfect protein for their Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen. Steamy broth and eggy noodles meets buttery pork fat… Now that’s what I call a line of scrimmage?… They also specialize in a pork belly bun: a soft, pillowy bun served with pickled onions.

A trip to Slater's 50-50 practically guarantees that there will be leftovers

A trip to Slater’s 50-50 practically guarantees that there will be leftovers

Our trip to Slater’s 50-50 in Pasadena was EPIC, but when your burger is a mix of 50% beef and 50% bacon, your waistline is definitely going into extra innings… wait, that isn’t right.

Good Girl's "Vietnamese Pork Confit" with White Rice

Good Girl’s “Vietnamese Pork Confit” with White Rice

But the one pork dish that really impressed both of us this past season – and we strongly urge you to try for yourself – is the Vietnamese Pork Confit at Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park. The pork confit (or thit ko as the dish is commonly known in Vietnam) is a sweet, caramelized mixture of pork that arrives at your table in a sizzling ceramic pot. The salty, pungent confit is so full of flavor, you’ll need to “take a knee”.

Obviously, our 2013 season had some solid pork players, along with some honorable mentions that will unfortunately turn your quarterback into a 3/4 back (please eat in moderation): Thu discovered that Meea’s in Eagle Rock is a great spot to get a beef, turkey, or veggie hot dog. The kicker? Their “Eagle Rock” dog comes with spicy mayo, pickled papaya, avocado, sriracha… and pork rinds for that porky crunch (also try the bacon-wrapped “Southland”). For a similar taste explosion, head to Guisado’s for their “Chicharron” pork rind taco: the crunchiness of the pork rind disappears as it soaks up the sauce, for a squishy pork experience that is very unique.

Stu and Thu at Guisado's

Stu and Thu at Guisado’s

Well, what are you waiting for, Super Bowl MCMIX? Get out there and win one for the Gipper! Go blue team!

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