One Chain’s Melody: The HABIT BURGER GRILL’s Tempura Green Beans

The Habit Tempura Green BeansBurger chains are wonderfully prevalent, and they sometimes seem to be the only sure-fire money-making cuisine. A real “cash cow”, you could say. In the burger business, you’ve got an established formula for success (the holy trinity): The burger, the fries, and the fizz. Simple, tried and true. If the chains would only follow this rudimentary formula, with a few minor tweaks (a little variety of fun fizziness, maybe a few cheap cheese choices), they could just skate by and enjoy an easy, low-risk existence as “just another burger chain”. No big deal. Let the boutique “burger bars” over-complicate and over-load the experience while the chains propagate the easy-peasy, no-frills burger time that we’re all accustomed to.

Somewhere along the line, the Habit Burger Grill missed a memo from the Big Burger Consortium. They’ve recently shaken up their selection of sides with a glorious stroke of originality: The Tempura-Fried Green Beans.This is an incredibly pleasing, kinda exotic fried food that works. Oh boy, does it work. The beans are light, and somehow crunchy.

Do green beans sound a little too high-brow for your basic burger barn? A tad too healthy-sounding, maybe? Well, one order of Tempura Green Beans is only 250 calories (according to their menu board), but after you dunk them all in the complimentary ranch dressing you are probably closer to the 400-calorie range. Still, not too shabby. The problem is: I still need to have their perfect french fries, too, so I’m looking at about 1,000 calories before I even bite into my charburger.

"Would you like ranch for your green beans?" "Um, is a bear catholic?"

“Would you like ranch for your green beans?” “Um, is a bear catholic? Does the pope crap in the woods?”

Habit rolled out this new item last month, and followed up with their fans on social with a simple “Have you tasted our new Tempura Fried Green Beans? Tell us, how do you like ’em?” Go to Habit’s Facebook page and encourage them to continue with these innovative changes. I can only imagine that this was a VERY difficult sell at the Habit offices (someone must have really stuck their neck out on this Eastern-inspired finger food), but in my eyes it’s a great success. Keep it up, Habit!

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