This Week in Subway Facebook Comments 3/25

Always a fun photo from the Subway posse.

Always a fun photo from the Subway posse.

Thu and I will be reviewing a few interesting eateries real soon (including “Max City BBQ” and WeHo’s “Glazed”), but in the meantime I’d like you to enjoy some of the more entertaining comments on Subway’s Facebook page.

As you all know, Subway is struggling to manage a PR nightmare right now, instigated by the Babe who shall remain nameless (Hint: she’s like Jessica Fletcher with a subscription to Saveur). Subway has acknowledged that the additive, azodi…something something (better known as the “yoga mat chemical”), has been a part of the production of most of their varieties of bread. In addressing the issue, Subway went so far as to pledge the complete removal of the chemical. The company acted swiftly, and made a few half-hearted attempts to quell the yoga-mat hysteria on their social media channels with some poorly-worded yoga-pologies. The Subway offices must have felt like a Bikram studio at this point.

The unfortunate side-effect of this controversy was that the active campaign promoting their new pizza-like menu item, the “Flatizza”, suffered from the negative publicity. An innocent square pizza-type of food should be allowed to sink or swim based on it’s own merits, and I feel for you. Never mind that YogaGate is hot on the heels of the announcement that Michelle Obama has teamed up with Subway, as part of the Partnership For A Healthier America, to teach kids better eating habits (To most of Subway’s Facebook fans, this was underwhelming news. But to Subway’s far-right Republican fanbase, this was beyond insulting). And forget that one of the most exciting bits of insane consumer protests in recent memory was the lawsuit filed against Subway over the disputed length of their “Footlong” subs (actually closer to eleven inches – but mind you, the water was cold), and the ultra-insane assertion that “Footlong” is just a trademark, and is “not intended to be a measurement of length”, which they posted on Facebook. The backlash on their Facebook page is ongoing and priceless…


Subway Facebook Comments




Subway Facebook Comments


I’d like to give a shout-out to Bruce Kendall, for his inadvertent renaming of “Flatzilla”. These are my very favorite types of comments on the Subway FB page: Sincere, constructive criticism by a fan who doesn’t act like it’s a life-or-death situation. You the man, BK.

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