“POT”‘s Canny Buzz: Roy Choi Introduces New Koreatown Spot

The Line Hotel on Wilshire

The Line Hotel on Wilshire

The Los Angeles food-truck god, author, and skateboarding enthusiast (!) Roy Choi has opened his newest culinary venture in Koreatown this month: POT. The renowned Korean-American chef breaks it all down in this ABC News interview, detailing the inspiration behind the menu and what sets POT apart from his other spots.

Chef Choi is a master of soulful fusion. Focused on Korean cuisine, Choi typically blends disparate flavors to breathtaking effect (hello, “Hot-Buttered Kimchee Chow”). For example, POT primarily features inventive hot pot creations – um, a corned beef hash hot pot mixed with SPAM? – but the menu also includes funky items like the “BEEP BEEP”: A rice bowl with creamy dynamite uni atop the crisped rice.

Choi’s other restaurants include A-Frame in Culver City (never been), Sunny Spot in Venice (looks awesome), and Chego in Chinatown (the bomb!). Look for a Two Men Chew review of Chego and POT soon.

POT is at the Line Hotel,

3515 Wilshire Blvd.


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