This Week In Facebook Comments 4/2

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes


Subway’s Facebook page is the great cultural repository for consumers to vent their frustrations, gleefully point out obvious phallic references, and  – as is much more frequent nowadays – debate how their slogan contradicts the ingredients in many of their current sandwiches. Their “Eat Fresh” motto has gotten stale, and should be fully retired in light of the “Yoga-gate” controversy.

Comments about the chemicals/preservatives don’t add any nutritional value to their social presence, but they are chock-full of delightfully tasty empty calories. I could snack on bitchy snipes targeted at Subway’s ingredient list all day, but some of the most satisfying comments are targeted at Subway’s tradition of poor photography. Katie Marie scores 263 likes with her slick dis on some slimy-looking tomatoes: “Those tomatoes look ill”.

Marly Duran gets a little more creative with her zinger, though. With only 4 likes, I think Marly got robbed:


Subway fans can be very protective (probably a side-effect of all the chemicals, JK), and defensive responses tend to dominate the comments. If you can’t say anything nice, etc, but you gotta side with someone who tells like it is (if we were in Oakland, circa 1996): “Hella Nasty”.

By the way, if you are planning on shaming a consumer who feels that your product is hella nasty, you best be prepared to “pop off”.

Subway is Hella Nasty


Quickly becoming my favorite rejoinders are the ones that begin, “Hey, I work at Subway”… Typically, these are conversation-enders on the Subway page. Sometimes they end the conversations on a socially awkward, over-sharing level (you’re at a cool party, when suddenly a Steve Urkel-type  in a Subway uniform appears in the middle of the dance-floor shouting “HEY! I work at Subway!”). But in other situations it’s simply a “Drop-the-mic” Jesse Pinkman-style conversation ender: “Yo, I work at Subway… bitch.” In the case of Shay James, she manages a decidely Pinkman-esque “I don’t know what Subway you have been to…” You go, girl!

Subway Worker Comment


But if this was a teen rom-com (“Deli Meets”, starring Demi Lovato), Heather Cordell’s awkward comment would most likely have a needle-dragging-on-the-record sound effect. BIG shout-out to Caroline Jodoin for the French translation of “Eat Fresh”, “ehh merde”!

Subway Workers Unite

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