Roach Coach-ella: Our Fave Foods in Indio This Weekend

Coachella Music Festival

It’s a great feeling to see your friends succeed. All of the memories come flooding back. You remember how you encouraged them to keep on keepin’ on, even when the odds were against them. Or, that time they started to lose focus and went into that weird vegan phase, but you didn’t abandon them (regardless of how embarrassed you were). Well, this is exactly how we felt when we saw that some of our favorite food purveyors had made “the list” at Coachella this year.

Among the chosen few (dozens) are Semisweet Bakery (Stu’s local “crullant” slinger) in the Rose Garden, Donut Friend in the “Heineken House” (oh boy),  OG food truck proselytizer Roy Choi’s Kogi BBQ Truck, Coolhaus (makers of unbelievable ice cream sandos), and perennial “if you hate on them, that means that you obviously don’t appreciate the finer things” burger bistro Umami Burger (we reviewed their super-limited Michael Voltaggio Monte Cristo, with our good friend Todd this year). Congrats to all of our homies, we knew that you could do it!

Disclaimer: We’re partial to the magic that Sharlene Fong whips up at Semisweet. With two flavors of their signature Ding-a-Lings available at their Rose Garden perch, it’d be impossible to not have a great time. Other confirmed goodies: Maple bacon sticky buns, strawberry pocket tarts, and mac-and-cheese empanadas (to name a few). Party on, Fong!

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