Kooky Monster: Platine Wastes No Time Challenging Ansel

Ahh, Dominique Ansel… mon chéri. Everything that you create is ripe for “homage”. We’ve got our own reimagined LA versions of your magnificent cronut, and (if you believe his recent bloated, narcissistic, egocentric open letter regarding the Department of Health closure of his bakery/mice infestation fiasco) there are haters out there that want to see you fail. C’est La Vie. At least you still have your marvelous “cookie shot” creation, right?

Enter Platine, Culver City’s cookie monsters. Their Cookie Shots with Cookie Milk (as opposed to the regular milk that Ansel serves) may seem blatant, but as they say on their home page: “We thought it would be fun to give the West Coast a shot.”


La Platine Cookie Shot

To paraphrase KRS-One: Ansel keeps creating it, bakeries keep on taking it. Imitation IS the highest form of flattery, right?? Platine’s cookie shots go on sale today.

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