New Favorite Tumblr: Dimly Lit Meals for One


Look: sometimes life is hard and hunger proves to just remind you of your own human limitations.

We’ve all been there. You are sitting at home, alone. Maybe you live alone, or maybe your roommate is at their significant other’s house again. Ugh, they are over there more often than they are here, you think. They should just move out. But then how would you make rent? Nevermind, this arrangement is probably for the best. You are gloriously independent! For half the cost! Good for you.

Uh oh: you realize that you’re hungry. You woke up in the afternoon and your internal clock says it’s time for breakfast, but in actuality, most people are probably having a late lunch or an early dinner by now. You’ve been sitting in front of the computer, on Facebook for probably longer than you would be willing to admit to anyone, biding your time, contemplating what you should do for food. You think about getting take-out; treating yourself to something delicious that you don’t get to have very often. That new fancy burger place? Nah, too expensive, you think. Maybe your favorite Thai place? No, you got food poisoning there last time. Tacos from the taco truck? That sounds good, but leaving the house means you’ll have to put on pants and that task feels herculean at this point.

Wait a minute. Why don’t you just make something for yourself?! You are a goddamn adult after all! Wait, when’s the last time you went to the grocery store, though? No matter! You are a creative, resourceful person. You will make it work, as Tim Gunn would say!

You survey the contents of the fridge, and gather together the disparate-seeming items leftover from the last party you had last week along with your roommate’s tortillas (he never eats them!). Ah ha, you think. There is plenty to work with here – where others see a sad fridge of cold cuts and condiments and old beer, you see possibility. You stand there for a moment with all of the items swirling around your mind. You imagine that this must be what it’s like for the chefs at El Bulli who have to constantly innovate. You feel the rush from that potential energy; the thrill of opportunity. You might even forgo the usual paper towel, and put this shit on a plate.

After a flurry of wrapping things in other things and microwaving, you are finished. You should document this, you think to yourself. Surely, others will find inspiration in your inventiveness. Your ability to make something out of nothing.

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