This Week In Subway Facebook Comments 4/9

Subway has graduated from legalistic, half-assed yoga-pologies to full-blown essays about Yoga-gate and Michelle Obama (complete with the timeline of Azo-bread in modern culture). This is the week… according to Subway’s Facebook page.

Awww, Kermit! This has nothing at all to do with politics or the "liberal agenda", right?

Awww, Kermit! This has nothing at all to do with politics or the “liberal agenda”, right?


People are so eager to take a stand nowadays, they’re willing to forsake the fastest-growing chain restaurant in the world just to make a point. Camille Bryant is making a bold move by speaking out on Michelle Obama’s collabo with Subway (wait, that means that you’re FOR childhood obesity). But, do you think that Subway will even bother to acknowledge Camille’s line in the sand?

Subway Michelle Obama Response Facebook Comments

Subway agrees that “business and politics don’t mix”, so shut your Flatizza-hole, Camille. No one gives a damn about your toxic point of view, I mean just look at the “likes” you have (30) compared to Subway’s PR copy-and-paste team (52). You should be ashamed for making Subway even have to dignify your comment with an answer.

Then along came Troy Kasper , The Trendy Post:

Subway Facebook Page Yoga COmment

But, now Subway is beginning to really find it’s groove. Get ready for a Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia-style 12″ Dance Remix version of the history of Azodicarbonamide…

Subway Facebook Azo Bread Essay

Deep breath…

Subway Azo Bread Facebook Essay

In case Camille and Troy are not sufficiently humbled, here’s a steady stream of kudos from the Subway fans who never doubted them (right?)…

Subway Customer Feedback on Facebook

Peace to Foodbabe. She might think that she had single-handedly started a revolution, but her yoga-gate petition was as misguided as her moniker. By choosing to target Subway, she picked a fight with one of the most PR-savvy companies in the food industry. Foodbabe/Vani, go “investigate” something more meaningful, like the sudden infestation of rodents at Dominique Ansel’s bakery. I smell foul play: the local Tim Horton’s has been surprisingly busy lately…

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