Suitable For Dipping: Glazed Donut Bistro, West Hollywood

Choosing is the hardest part.

Choosing is the hardest part.

We are living in the age of the donut. Over the past few years, enterprising cafes and diners have explored some exciting – and just plain bonkers – flavor combinations. Any resident of Downtown L.A. (or, “Downtown Shabby” as I like to call it), can chart their neighborhood’s growth by the increase of bacon-topped donuts offered (like dropping a greasy pin locator on every Google-Mapped block). What started out as a few over-the-top creations in restaurants that cater to every taste (I’m looking at you, Nickel Diner) has morphed into a boutique experience, with several interesting spots popping up recently.

In the boutique donut realm, it’s getting harder and harder to set yourself apart from the rest. But, one of the newest additions to the fried-dough game is getting real fancy with it in West Hollywood. Ladies and gentlemen (and gentlemen), we present Glazed – A Donut Bistro

STU: So Thu, we checked out Glazed this weekend, and I’ve got to say it was much better than I expected. I read a bunch of negative Yelp reviews beforehand, so I didn’t expect to be “wowed” by the service. But I think our visit was pretty awesome!

THU: Right off the bat, I have to tell you that I had major buyer’s remorse for my choice. My favorite classic donut of all time is the Apple Fritter. Deep fried to a crisp on the outside and ooey-gooey in the middle, it is the donuttiest of donuts to me. And on this occasion at Glazed, I saw they had a BANANA FRITTER with CHOCOLATE DRIZZLE.

STU: Drizzle, fo’ (17)

THU: Now, I should have just gotten it then and there, but my opinion was swayed when the lady behind the counter suggested the Stumptown Coffee Donut with Hazelnut cream! In hindsight, I should have just gone with my gut and ordered the fritter, but in an attempt to venture out, I ordered the Stumptown instead.

STU: A coffee donut with hazelnut cream doesn’t seem like a bad decision at all.

THU: It was by no means a BAD decision. It was actually quite good, but I think it was overshadowed by the could-have-been that was the Banana Fritter. The whole time I ate the Stumptown, I was thinking of the Banana Fritter that could have been… sigh… alas, that fritter was the one that got away…

STU: Well, you sure did fritter away that opportunity! I am also feeling some regret: I went the “sweet” route, even though Glazed has so many awesome “savory” options. I mean, this was kinda the only reason we came here in the first place… fried-chicken-stuffed beignets?! But when I walked in the door and saw the prices for the savory donuts, I wasn’t expecting them to be over $10. Later, I discovered that they do come with fries or salad. And it isn’t just one donut – some savory dishes include 3 stuffed donuts. What did you think about the prices here? Do you feel like you got your money’s worth?

THU: We HAVE to try the savory next time. The price is hefty for a donut (somewhere between $3-$4 each depending on what you get), but these are not your run o’ the mill Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, though (which is often the criticism of these gourmet donuts – that people just want a simple donut). So the price is steep if you are comparing it with the $6/dozen at any Chinese Food/Donut Shop combo store, but not if you compare it with, say, a gourmet cupcake from Sprinkles. I mean, you DID get two donuts when we went…

STU: I knew that I had to get the “blueberry lemon” and the “triple chocolate with ganache” cake donut. With the cake donuts being only $2, I feel like it was pretty reasonable. The blueberry-lemon flavor was really incredible, but the frosted triple-chocolate donut was the one that blew my mind. It comes with little crunchy balls on top. I also got a couple of donut holes that were completely covered in sprinkles! (Tip: Bat your eyelashes and you might even get some for free.)

Glazed Triple-Chocolate  Blueberry Lemon Donuts a la Stu

Glazed Triple-Chocolate Blueberry Lemon Donuts a la Stu

THU: Another regret of mine – I didn’t know about the dipping sauces! Pro tip: you have to ASK for the dipping sauces, because they are not going to offer it to you.

STU: The dipping sauces were a nice touch, and I tried a couple of doozies. $4 for two donuts with dipping sauces, not bad at all.

THU: Did you prefer the chocolate or the salted caramel?

STU: The salted caramel sauce was a thing of beauty, whereas the chocolate was just kinda mediocre. I’ve never really considered dipping donuts in anything besides coffee, but it’s such a treat! It kinda forced me to slow down and enjoy the donut more, as opposed to just mindlessly gorging on donuts. I wanna switch gears here, Thu: How about that service? Both the donut-slinger and the cashier were super-friendly and helpful to everyone in line. I was very impressed!

The donut case at Glazed

THU: Is it possible that the service was too good? The lady behind the counter was very helpful as I was choosing and offered me her honest opinion of the Stumptown Donut, which led me to my eventual regret of not getting the banana fritter. But perhaps it’s unfair to blame that on her excellent service! I am an adult after all! I think it just ended up making me want to keep coming back in order to perfect my order, which, let’s be honest, is the mark of a great donut shop.

STU: What a diabolical strategy… I guess we’ll need to go back to Glazed until we get it right!

Glazed uses fresh, locally-sourced organic ingredients and is located at: 8807 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, California 90069

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