Cronut Alert, April 2014: Crumbsnatchers And Wonuts

crumbnut crumbs bake coCro My God, there’s big news on the Cronut scene: Crumbs Bake Company (there’s one on Larchmont), a cupcake juggernaut that has seen declining sales in the past few years, has inked a deal to be the FIRST provider of mass-produced (imitation) cronuts. These cronut-like concoctions are called “Crumbnuts”, and will be exclusively available to all the little crumbsnatchers that shop at BJ’s Wholesale stores. This is an incredible coup! I can’t imagine a more appropriately-named store to offer something that gives such exquisite oral pleasure.

CrumbnutsIn related pastry-fusion scene news, an invention that arrived with the force of a greasy Waffle Taco: Chicago’s Waffles Cafe is now offering the “Wonut”, a deep-fried and thickened variation of their signature waffle batter. After frying, the wonuts are iced or double-iced (Ice, Ice Baby) with a chocolate, sugar, marshmallow, or maple glaze. By the way, yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the Belgian Waffle blowing up big time at the NY World’s Fair in 1964.

This news is very exciting, but the “cro-nut” naming convention is getting a little tiresome (there are even “brioughnuts” in Pasadena, which are amazing). The next step will be a boutique pet store offering fancy treats to recently-neutered dogs: The Nonuts.

wonut waffle cafe Thrillist



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