Taco Bell’s U.S. Taco Co. and Urban Taproom In Huntington Beach

This is the so-called "Stallion Combo". I feel like a man by just typing that.

This is the so-called “Stallion Combo”. I feel like more of a man just by typing that.

Taco Bell is seeking a more refined crowd as they test their newest “interpreneurial” venture, U.S. Taco Co. and Urban Taproom. They’re working out the kinks of the new fast-casual concept in Huntington Beach, according to the National Restaurant News site.

U.S. Taco Co. will be offering a “playful” menu of regional American food mixed with 10 different types of tacos, and french fries. Apparently, there will be something for everybody. But, they will NOT be serving stunt-tacos like the Doritos Locos found at their mother-chain, Taco Bell.

Senior Brand Manager Jeff Jenkins says that while other fast-casual chains like Chipotle – and my beloved Qdoba – are focusing on burritos, they decided to “zig while everyone else zagged” by taking “the best of American cuisine and put it into a taco”. For example, one of their creations is called the “One Percenter”, which is a taco featuring lobster (ouch, too soon).

US Taco Co. and Urban TaproomI have to comment on the horrendous logo. What is up with the pink, tribal Day of the Dead skull? It looks more like “Dia de Los Tacky”, and more suited for a fitted UFC t-shirt (no offense, MMA guys).

Also, why are there so many eateries and bars adopting the term “Urban”? I’ve seen the Urban Taco Fabricators on Sunset, “Justice – Urban Tavern” (Urban “tavern”? There’s a new sheriff in town, I reckon), and “urban” coffee houses popping up all over downtown lately (there’s also the “Urban Grind” on 9th). I can remember when “urban” used to be a bad thing, like when you’d even cross to other side of the street because a restaurant was designated as urban. “Don’t make eye-contact with that restaurant, honey. It’s hella urban.”

U.S. Taco Co is opening in Downtown HB at The Strand, with a second location under development for Los Angeles.


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