Heavy Kettle Parking Lot: Kettle Glazed Doughnuts, Hollywood

Kettle Glazed Doughnuts signWe’re definitely on the donut tip lately. What can I say? This is the age of the donut (or “doughnut”, if you’re a stickler). Dozens upon dozens of local spots are reinventing and reimagining the possibilities of fried dough. I’m probably a little late to the game, though: only recently did I realize that you didn’t have to drive to downtown Disney for a beignet.

A few weeks ago, we visited the incredible Glaze Donut Bistro in festive West Hollywood. The things that they were doing with donuts were truly exciting, like incorporating savory options BBQ pork and shrimp. And, just to show you how sheltered I am, this is when I got my first taste of a donut hole covered in sprinkles. It was the dawning of the age of aquarius, for sure.kettle glazed doughnuts

Forget about West Hollywood for a minute, though. Let’s bring it back to the old school. The OG Hollywood, the place where dreams come true: Tinseltown. This is where you’ll find the best apple fritter in the world (according to me: someone who just discovered sprinkled donut-holes), something called a “cruffin”, and one of the best approximations of a cronut on the West Coast. This is the home of Kettle Glazed Doughnuts, a fast and friendly shop with fair prices and well-made doughnut concoctions.

This is a cruffin. Don't get it twisted.

This is a cruffin. Don’t get it twisted.

Situated in the shadow of the iconic Hollywood Tower apartments (actually, across the street but close enough), Kettle Glazed has an impressive collection of good stuff and a friendly, helpful staff. But their tiny parking lot is a nightmare, so be prepared to circle the block a few times. It’s like Trader Joe’s on a busy day.

l'Cronut and l'cake donut.

l’Cronut and l’cake donut.

Their prices are the most reasonable that I’ve seen lately for a doughnut menu that is this inventive. Your standard (but above-average) cake and glazed doughnuts are $1.25, up to $3.75 for the super elaborate, boston-creme filled, massive croissant-style creations. Buying four doughnuts – a good mix including a huge apple fritter (Holy frit: the apple fritter had juicy chunks of delectable apple baked inside, and the employee even asked me to pick my fritter of choice, of the 8 fritters in the case) – only set me back about $8.00. And the quality is SO high. The Kettle Glazers could get away with charging more, but I imagine that the parking lot issue is figured in there somehow. Kettle Glazed is rewarding their customers’ parking persistence.

The case was getting pretty empty by the time I ordered!

The case was getting pretty empty by the time I ordered!

There was a bunch of stuff on the menu that I couldn’t try because they were completely sold-out (like the honey-glazed pistachio croughnut, and s’mores doughnut), which I’ll take as a good sign. The limited availability will motivate me to go back again. Maybe not drive, though. I think I’ll ride my skateboard there next time, it’s a lot easier to park.

Kettle Glazed Doughnuts is located at:

6211 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, 90028

A very cool view as I skarf on some grindage.

A very cool view of the Hollywood Tower (inspiration for the Tower Of Terror) as I skarf on some grindage.

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