This Week in Subway Facebook Comments, 4/30

Ouch. It was anarchy in the U.K. today as Subway removed bacon and ham from 185 of their stores, offering only halal products in response to the overwhelming amount of requests from the Muslim community. Subway fans were furious about the “news”…amanda subway halalSubway’s canned response has a slightly annoyed tone (oh, not this again), but they soon crafted an addendum to their “sorry, not sorry” reply and worked quickly to copy and paste the replies to as many comments as possible:subway halal amanda 2

Not surprisingly, the non-Muslim Brits were fuming; and the rest of the world was also quick to jump on the “Boycott Subway” bandwagon in frenzied solidarity. In fact, a “Boycott Subway” page popped up within a few hours. In true Brit fashion, the page combines humor with well-worded insults…

Boycott Subway facebook Page“Boycott Subway” may be incensed with the halal menu, but they still have to give credit where credit is due for their fantastic “cheese on toast”. Back on the Subway page, the wall was being covered with an incredible amount of boycott posts. All of the activity almost broke Facebook.boycottingsubwaywholefamilyripThe response from Subway to the boycott has been very slow-going, but you can expect a media blitz shortly. They just need to regroup. Most of their customer service team was apparently sent on holiday after the “Food Babe”/Yogagate fiasco, their probably just a little short-handed at the moment.totaldisgraceiwantmyhamandporkback

sharonjacksonWith so many people fanning the flames, there was bound to be a point where the message begins to get a little confused. Like this analogy from Tim Dean…


Subway has really screwed the pooch, trying to be all things to all fans. Jimmy John’s has a great opening into the U.K. market now.

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