How To Get More Bang For Your Taco Bell Buck

Taco BellHere’s an interesting tool for your Taco Tuesday (…patent pending. Don’t even think about it Ansel): The Taco Bell disrupt, an ingenious way of stretching your fast food dollars. A web developer gathered a bunch of menu data from the Taco Bell site, and plugged all of this info into a nifty program. The result is a rad tool that figures out the maximum amount of calories you can get from your budget. The kicker? Every suggestion sounds totally delish.

Just email with how many dollars you can spend in the subject line. IMPORTANT: Don’t use dollar signs or punctuation (this means that the number should be just dollars, no cents. Make sense?).

How much money do I have in my pocket now? I’ve got $3.00 (sad face), so I emailed “3” to Here’s the helpful reply:Taco Bell Disrupt770 calories, what a bargain! Oh wait, I forgot that I keep another dollar in my left shoe for rainy days…Taco Bell Disrupt 2I just upgraded with some “cheesy” nachos! Frugal Gourmet, eat your heart out.


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