This Week In Subway Facebook Comments 5/7

Subway star wars veggiesThe customer revolt continues this week on the Subway Facebook page. The company has been accused of having a hidden agenda, playing favorites (by offering Halal and Kosher products at some of their locations), and trying to poison their customers with chemically-laden, genetically-engineered ingredients. Personally, I just think that their commercials suck.

Fans of the footlong (or FOFs, as I like to call them) have been threatening to “never, ever go to Subway again” until the world’s largest sub purveyor cleans up it’s act. FOFs have been spending a lot of time on Facebook lately (I call that FOFOFing… sorry, I’m really trying to set some new social media trends in motion, and I just realized that my best bet is to use acronyms), basically “Occupying” the Subway page until the revolution is televised.

ham and bacon subway halalInterestingly, Subway is taking the “Ain’t nothin’ changed!” approach to all of the negative feedback over the UK Halal controversy: “Nearly a decade ago a very limited number of our UK restaurants began offering Halal products and turkey-based ham and bacon. Our policy has been the same ever since.” In other words, why are you babies making such a big deal about nothing?

This approach isĀ unfortunate. Subway throws a lot of figures and logic at the complaints, expecting the FOFs to totally understand reason. But this is a group of fans that object to what they see as pandering to a religious group, and then overreacting by threatening to never patronize the chain ever again. The whole thing sounds more like a bunch of convicts in a prison fast, fighting for more time in the yard.

Subway Halal Not About ReligionThe “me too!” grandstanding by the FOFs is a little self-indulgent (much like my own weekly Subway posts, in fact), and just seems comical in general. Chris Tolliday’s comment above is a prime example of this theme : With comments like “…Go back to their homeland if they don’t like it”, the FOFs must not realize that their focus on solidarity is verging on intolerance and bigotry. Kinda funny, kinda sad.persecution complex subway facebook

The most vocal FOFs appear to have a persecution complex. And thanks to Tiana Marquez, they are also developing a weight complex.

Wading through all of the hateful comments about the Halal controversy this week was starting to get me down in the dumps. Fortunately, I found a little pick-me-up in the form of a conversation started by Meg Wagner, a “figure bodybuilder”:Subway skin cancer“It’s organic spray tan!”


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