Taco Tuesday At Casa La Doña, Downtown

I love a good deal as much as the next guy, but sometimes it’s just too damn inconvenient to swoop in on a food bargain. A store could be practically giving stuff away (either to the first 100 people at the door, or limit 1 with coupon), but if it means hobnobbing with like-minded cheapskates, I’d rather starve to death. I’m sure that I’m not alone in this… at least I hope not. There has to be a group of antisocial bargain-hunters like me out there that I could hang out with, we could all meet in the clearance room at my local Ralph’s.

What is that, like $6. What a bargain!

What is that, like $7? What a bargain!

Luckily, I don’t have to travel far on Tuesdays for a cheap taco. Casa La Doña offers all tacos for $1, and these are better than your average street taco: juicy carne asada, papas (potato), pastor, pollo – they have it all. With friendly service and a salsa bar with nearly twenty different kinds of salsa, this might be my answer to the defunct Little Tokyo Señor Fish (RIP).La Salsa BarSalsa bars are a godsend, and one of the best inventions ever for a guy like me who always waits too long to eat dinner. I’ll wait until I’m so incredibly hungry, I can’t even think straight. With a colorful salsa bar, I don’t even need to think straight – I just focus on the prettiest dips and point and drool until my wife snaps me out of it. Casa La Doña does it right (in case you’re wondering, “doña” means “madam” or “lady” in spanish), offering some exotic and kinda outlandish varieties: peach-chipotle, mango-cilantro, mango-peach (hey, they must have found a good deal on mangos or something – “Mango Monday”, perhaps?), and something called “fresh green” (spicier than expected).
Salsas on the tableYou can walk into Casa La Doña at any point on a Tuesday, and you’ll see a cross-section of DTLA types, a mixture of the cool and quirky, buttoned-up and professional, young and old. All enjoying themselves and chatting in a bright, cheery atmosphere. A little too smugly, perhaps, since they didn’t have to jump through any hoops to get their taco bargain today.

Don’t expect too much from your $1 taco in this era of lime shortages, though. Last Tuesday, they sneakily served me little wedges of un-ripe, green lemons (a Trojan lime).

Casa La Doña is located at 800 Main St., just a short walk from my apartment.

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