Glazed Donut Bistro Gets Dunked

What a shame.

What a shame.

Our third-favorite donut spot – Glazed Donut Bistro – will be closing. Glazed opened at the beginning of the year, with a lot of fanfare (fried chicken donuts! mac and cheese beignets! MONTE CRISTOS!!!) and very positive reviews. Unfortunately, this hype must have been distracting the Glazed team from their priorities: the owners let several months go by without paying their rent, with over $8,000 owed to the landlords (a 3-day notice was apparently posted to the front door).

This is surprising, given the braggy mission statement on the Glazed homepage:

Sweetly sophisticated artisan donuts inspired by passion & creativity. These small batch, hand-crafted creations are paired with house-made dipping sauces that make for a truly unique, “donuts for grownups” type of experience.

What’s next for these donut visionaries? An accounting class? Perhaps a business management course? Well, that’s what a grown up would do.



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