A Very Special Taco Tuesday: Downtown Guisados’ Grand Opening

The DTLA Guisado's SignSomebody pinch me! Our beloved Guisados has officially opened their third location, and this time it’s in my neck of the woods: The Spring Arcade Building at Spring & 6th. This has been in the works for some time – even the staff at the Sunset Guisados told me in April that the DTLA location would open within a few weeks – and there have been several delays, as is often the case with anything worthwhile. Especially in LA.Guisados Line

The line was out the door from the moment that they opened yesterday. (And, what lies beyond the door is a minefield of dead pigeons and syringes… I’m not even joking.) This is unfortunately the result of a poorly designed dining room, but hey, I got what I asked for and I’m not complaining!

Guisado's DowntownJust like the other two locations, the entire menu is gluten-free (except for the occasional specials). AND, breakfast is served everyday at the DTLA Guisados. This is great news, and dangerous for my budget. I’ll probably need to supplement my weekly tacos with $1 Casa La Dona taco trips on Tuesdays. But, with delectable stewed taco meat on a handmade tortilla (to order), $2.75 is actually a bargain. The biggest issue is choosing which tacos.

Coming soon: Alcohol. Guisado's Dining Room

chicharron Taco Guisado's

How can you say “no” to this Chicharron taco from Guisado’s? It’s a thing of beauty.

Guisados hours:

8 am to 10 pm Mon — Thu

8 am to 2 am Fri — Sat

8 am to 5 pm Sun.


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