Catering To Hungry Apartment Hunters: AVA Little Tokyo

AVA Little TokyoSmack-dab in the center of a neighborhood swelling with amazing food, Little Tokyo’s AVA living space was completed recently and is available for prospective apartment hunters to tour their dazzling and modern floor plans.

Skating down 2nd Street yesterday, I noticed that the entire ground floor is wrapped with some very specific targeted advertising, aimed at a particular group (a very finicky group): self-professed foodies (and gluttons in general). I checked out their website and noticed that the opening paragraph on their homepage says AVA is located “where sushi meets tacos” (sounds like a sci-fi premise). They even have a blog post with directions for making mochi ice cream in your apartment.

This is the motto, put your damn hands up!

This is the motto, get your damn hands up!

Their food-focused ads all seem a little off-kilter, with a slight “Google Translate” vibe. “Live like you want” is now my new anthem. It’s better than “Better Safe Than Sorry”.

Yo, why’s the black dude gotta be out of frame? He’s barely in the moment.

Some of the slogans are slightly “No shit, Sherlock”, like the momentous statement pictured above. I can’t blame them, though, this “moments we live” philosophy is most likely the result of eating a life-changing slice of pizza. After all, I’ve been known to make some pretty grandiose statements while chewing on a Garage “Gran Torino” slice (this is clearly what is going on in the photo). But I’m not sure why they’re sharing a glass of iced tea with two straws.

Mmm, don't mind if I do. But I don't want the broken one in front.

Mmm, don’t mind if I do. But I don’t want the broken one in front.

There is a massive 10′ X 12′ poster of chocolate truffles next to the front door. This is awesome, except for the fact that the truffle in the foreground is clearly broken. Joseph Schmidt would not approve (Fun Fact: Joseph Schmidt once called me fat in San Francisco). Is this a clever statement? Maybe this is an example of living “like you want”, accepting all of life’s little treats even if they appear to be cracked on the surface… Ooh, that’s some straight-up pizza talk right there!IMG_20140825_080239

I think I understand why I’m so drawn to their ads. Their sentence structures mimic the way I think. (That’s not necessarily good.)

Ummm, OK.

Ummm, OK.

I want to always eat in Little Tokyo, so count me in, AVA. Great job “catering” to my type of person. When’s my lease up, anyway?

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