Taco Tuesday: La Lola Loca Truck for Breakfast

La Lola Loca Truck

Ay, que pretty!

I skate past Stumptown Coffee on Santa Fe & 7th on my way to work every morning, careening around dozens of breeds of different dogs in the process (whispering, “Sorry!”). This area is very dog-friendly, but the dogs aren’t very skateboard-friendly. The dogs’ owners are never ready for the violent struggle to keep hold of their dog’s leash, either, so I usually try to give them a wide berth.

Speaking of wide berth, I ordered a breakfast taco from the La Lola Loca truck that is sometimes parked in front of Stumptown this morning. This bright and cheery food truck has a very limited menu, but I’m pleased to report that – more or less – “less is more” (…mas o menos). With tacos and burritos available with only two types of meat, you might assume that this truck isn’t worth your time. But with each taco and burrito grilled to order, the outstanding flavors are fresh and don’t leave you feeling like a pedazo de mierda.

What a bargain!

What a bargain!

My choice was the Bacon n’ Egg taco, and I was a little apprehensive: Ordering bacon from a truck virtually guarantees a disappointing too-crispy/too-chewy experience. But these fools know their flavor profiles, homie. My first bite contained a perfectly juicy bacon bit, enveloped in a bit of fluffy scrambled egg and some slightly citrusy pico de gallo topped with some very light shredded cheese. That shit was dope! Pro tip: Wait a few minutes before taking the first bite so you can really enjoy that cheese.

At $2.50 for a larger-than-your-average taco (roughly the price of a side of toast at a diner), and $6.00 for a burrito, there’s really not a valid excuse to not stop at a La Lola Loca truck if you’re hungry.

La Lola Loca Bacon Taco

La Lola Loca Bacon Taco (on a mailbox)

Similar to the Le Pain Quotidien site, the LLL site goes overboard while waxing poetic on the meaning of… eating:

“We believe every day ought to be a fiesta, with friends gathered, meats sizzling, and party kicking. Call it a cilantro-colored lens, but we see all foods better off when taco’d or burrito’d. Because to us, traditional Latin cuisine is really just the tradition of digging into signature dishes several times daily—for lunch, dinner, and, of course, another dinner.”

Don’t forget breakfast!

Check here for La Lola Loca’s current truck schedule.

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