True Street-Style Taco Life In The Arts District

Street Taco Life Arts District

“Untitled #1”. Aw, what the hell… “Street Taco on Skateboard (mixed media)”

Over the past year, I’ve gone from “disgusted” with the street taco scene to “rarely disgusted” with the sight of people slurping taco juice off of a greasy corn tortilla on the sidewalk, and passionately licking their dirty fingers. I have now become one of those people, and I kinda enjoy it. I’m aware that my shameless taco-slurping may disgust others as I go about my day, but I add a little bit of flair that I hope would distract from the slurpy scene that I’m making: I eat it while on a skateboard, “street-style”. You could say that I’ve done a 180.

There is a major benefit to deliberately slurping on a taco while skating through the ‘hood. With “La Reyna” situated in a decidedly artsy area of the Arts District, I’m in a position to enjoy a little bit of art while I travel. Sounds good, yes? Or, as a true artist would say, “Sounds good, no?” Sure, but as I start to pay attention to the street art that is welcomed and encouraged in this area, I notice that what seems like an artsy splash of color is really just masking an artsy-fartsy rebellious sentiment. I find myself even more disgusted with the Obey/disobey aesthetic. Visual slurping.

Cementality Arts District

I “herd” that!

I have a very specific dislike of bold statements juxtaposed with corny images, but “Cementality” goes one step further by incorporating cursive to give it just a touch more pretension. “Imitation Is Suicide” (or, reading in cursive: “Imitation is suicide, my dear”), but eye-level street art with cryptic statements is not exactly revolutionary. In fact, you could say that it’s been done. It makes me wonder why it’s still being done. To me, this particular “piece” says:  “Don’t follow the herd. Do your own thing, and maybe go paint some art on a designated wall. Like me.”Arts District

Speaking of bold statements: The cutesy character with a harsh message to impart to the art viewer is so blown out these days, it makes me want to side with “the Man” or whoever the fuck the artist wants you to rebel against. This “#LoveYouDad” art made me cringe the first time I saw it. But now it has been up on this wall for over a month, so I’ve had time to digest the message. It still doesn’t make sense to me. I envision a Don Draper-type schooling his young son/daughter on the ways of the world, wildly swinging a bottle of frothy beer and exclaiming that the only way to get anywhere in this world is to… become a prostitute? I’m sure that whatever pearls of wisdom the dad tried to impart had barely anything to do with prostitution. But, let’s say the dad did indeed implore the artist to be a prostitute: This is a horrifying thing to say to a kid, so why dilute the message with a sarcastic hashtag? Like I said, this thing has been up for over a month – somebody must like it.art03

The Illuminati also figures prominently in street art nowadays; triangles, old men smoking cigars lit with dollar bills, more triangles, secrecy, cloaks, things cloaked in secrecy… We get it, there’s a hidden society out there somewhere (or hidden IN HERE somewhere!!!), and it’s time to fight back. Fuck it, I’ve got tacos to slurp on.art04

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