National Pizza Day: TOWN, Highland Park

Town Mushroom Sausage PizzaYou could spend the whole day exploring York Blvd in Highland Park. The three-block radius surrounding Town Pizza is a great representation of the forward-thinking/backward-striving hipster ethos – arts and crafts, vintage instruments, vintage/artisan furniture, actual books! But the true indicator of chillness for the neighborhood-of-the-moment has got to be how legit their local pizza spot is.

TOWN Pizza landed in Highland Park with a bang last year, selling out of their pies consistently every day during their initial opening. It was frustrating and encouraging at the same time. The buzz from the customers was ecstatic; a typical verdict would be, “The line was long. But that crust, tho.” Town Pizza Highland Park

After several attempts, the stars finally aligned for me and I managed to get my pizza-loving hands on TOWN’s Mushroom & Rosemary (adding their premium housemade sausage for an extra $3). And that crust? Amazing, thin, slightly chewy but not doughy. A massive 18″ pizza with three stellar, fresh toppings costs $20. Premium toppings (like prosciutto, gorgonzola, or roast pork) are $2 each. Do yourself a favor and try the colorful and juicy heirloom cherry tomatoes (they seem to go with pretty much everything). A nice touch: Hold the meat on any of their signature specials (like the mole -roast pork – cotija cheese pizza) and they’ll take $2/$3 off the price.

The dining room is an extremely tight squeeze, but it looks like they’re expanding the seating (there’s some construction going on just past the restrooms).

Slices of every imaginable type (supreme combinations, gluten-free, cheese-less, or vegan) are available for $3-4, and it’s clear that this is where the “locals” go on their lunch breaks. The clerk at a store across the street was munching on a slice, the owner of the artisanal pet food store across the street was chowing down on some of that magical crust, the girl from the bookstore I just left popped into TOWN for her slice, and a cute dog in a harness was walking on its hind legs trying to sniff the slice of the one holding the leash. Now, this is a community that loves pizza.Town Pizza Highland Park




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