Quick Bites: Green Roast Beef at Little Flower, Pasadena, CA

A good roast beef is one of my favorite cold sandwiches. Usually accompanied by sharp cheddar and/or horseradish mayo for some kick, it is a sandwich staple that is easy to get at most deli counters.

But recently I went back to Little Flower Candy Company and had their “Green Roast Beef” sandwich – a zesty, delicious take on the classic which made for an awesome update.

Their beef is thinly sliced and rare, which makes it tender and soft – not chewy and stringy like some RBs can be. The rare beef along with fresh arugula are packed into a crunchy, flaky French roll reminiscent of a banh mi. The “green” in the name comes from the chimichurri spread which was a welcome surprise – giving a tangy sweet flavor to the beef and almost took it into steak sandwich territory. Instead of the standard cheddar or provolone cheese, the sandwich was topped with a handful of salty, flaky, grated Parmesan which balanced out the zesty, tangy chimichurri spread perfectly. And to really seal the deal, they threw in a refreshing homemade pickle spear on the side too.

Little Flower used some surprising but effective ingredients that made for a truly memorable roast beef experience.

Little Flower Candy Co. 

1422 W Colorado Blvd

Pasadena, CA 91105

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