El Atacor Taqueria (…number 11)

Stu: Just judging from the mural of a shark attacking a mermaid, I knew this place was special.

Thu: I discovered that El Atacor means “the attacker” which feels apropos in that you must attack the food or else the food attacks you, as I’m sure you learned when you faced off with the Super Burrito.

Stu: Well, the true battle took place the morning after… But I have no regrets. $7.99 for a massive burrito, weighing roughly 2 pounds? It’s a no-brainer!

Thu: El Atacor definitely gets you some serious bang for your buck. I go pretty regularly and I have honed what I believe to be my “perfect” order: a cheeseburger ($2.65), two carne asada tacos ($2.20) and one of their famous potato tacos ($1.10). That might be the best $5.95 I will ever spend anywhere.

Stu: Your menu choices pretty much cover all of the bases. My super burrito was kinda too much of a good thing – midway through this bad boy, I started to get jealous of the variety that you were enjoying. But like I said: no regrets. (Pro tip: ask for it without lettuce, it’ll be less of a soggy mess this way.)

Thu: Like hard drugs, the super burrito is something everyone has to try at least once, but most likely you won’t be doing it again. But also like drugs, there are still consequences even the first time you do it. (Did I mention I was “best D.A.R.E. student” in 8th grade?)


Stu: Also, like drugs, I was hell-bent on proving to you that I was a worldly guy who is open to new experiences. To your credit, you didn’t try to pressure me at all – it was my own poor decision-making that led to a horrendous morning after. But, as with drugs, I still feel like a super burrito would solve all of my problems…

Thu: Some people consider the cheeseburger a strange choice to get at a taqueria, but I find that they do a “classic” burger so well. And with all of the “gourmet” burger choices out there, sometimes it’s great to get a nice thin patty between two sesame buns. (Pro-tip: I get extra radishes and limes on the side and put them on the burger – making it into a sort of “taco-burger”) Also, the potato taco on the side functions as a french-fries-alternative. Boom! Speaking of the potato taco, what did you think of it? Does it live up to the hype? (El Atacor is known for these bad boys.)


Stu: It lived up to the hype, and then some. It’s a dollar well spent. Your burger scenario is kind of interesting to me: I’m always trying to have the best of both worlds, and everything sounds good to me when I’m hungry. I’m gonna try your combo strategy next time.

El Atacor is located in the Cypress Park neighborhood at 2622 N Figueroa st.


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