Veggie Grill Bad Boy Burger

I’ve been a bad, bad boy.

Veggie Grill is a perennial favorite among the Lululemon set, and they’ve perfected the seemingly guilt-free answer to all of those nagging questions of sustainability and ethics: the fake meat (or, as I like to call it, “l’faque“). Whether it’s “buffalo chick’n” (a convincing imitation) or “grilled steak”, V.G. kills it (not literally, you know, but like, they “kill” it). Usually, I plop down my hard-earned green for some of that spicy green with the caramelized tofu triangles: their Banh Mi Salad, the most enjoyable kale salad I’ve ever had. Sweet and spicy in equal measure, but the tofu itself has an impeccably crunchy skin that I thoroughly enjoy. Can’t beat it. But this time the Fall menu beckoned and it was refreshingly free of pumpkin spice.

Veggie Grill tempura green beans

Come for the burger, and stay for the green beans. Or vice versa.

Their Fall menu’s delicious new items include The Seoul Bowl, stir-fried and spicy; tempura fried green beans with (vegan) ranch, just as good as The Habit’s—maybe better (and this one includes a grilled lemon—who even does that?); and, the massive Bad Boy Burger. This is exactly what Veggie Grill has been in need of: a messy, greasy—did I mention spicy?—burger. This burger is thoroughly satisfying in every way, but the most pleasing aspect has to be the pepper cheddar cheese (they call it “spicy tomato Chao cheese”, but it looks and tastes like orange pepper jack cheese), just oily enough to make you feel like you’ve been a bad boy.

Seriously, with the Veggie Grill app and rewards system, regular email offers, and spot-on seasonal specials, it’s kinda hard to not be part of the “#vegolution” (I think that’s really a thing)… And that chocolate pudding parfait, tho.


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