Blue C Sushi, Hollywood



Revolving sushi bars are a lot of fun. You sit at a bar with a conveyor belt which is constantly bringing you sushi and treats. In Australia, this invention is referred to as a “sushi train,” which is actually pretty accurate: the belt is on an endless loop, like a toy train set that was caught in a net and dragged along the ocean floor, collecting all manner of sea life and larger fish and even mammals who were minding their own business, but, NO! Too late. You’re caught in the net, so now you need to go along for the ride.

 Blue C Sushi has restaurants in several states, and they all have the same sort of Vegas-y vibe. The one that I usually go to is by the Arclight on Sunset & Vine. The douchiness of that area fits the Blue C Sushi atmosphere perfectly: It’s douchey-by-proxy whenever I go there, but it’s the best way to watch a movie so I have to do it. You can only have Veggie Grill so many times before it gets old (but maybe I could bring those green beans into Blue C as a side dish). Blue C ends up being a better time-saving dinner decision compared to Veggie Grill: the host seats you, you have a server hovering over you while you stuff your face, then you ask for the check. If you’re me, you’re still chewing as you sign the receipt—just be glad that you’re not me.

I strongly prefer the Little Tokyo Kula vibe, but Blue C still does sushi right. Their ceviche tuna is amazing, the fried tempura roll hits the spot, and the BLT tuna roll is so strange and delicious, it’s a good thing that I couldn’t find another one on the conveyor belt because I would have grabbed it.

According to the Wikipedia post, conveyor belt sushi was a thing in the 70s, and experienced several booms since then. Now, it’s hitting all the right buttons in the “fast casual” world. But I think that they need to adjust the speed on that conveyor belt because I almost knocked a dish of sushi over onto the other side of the counter, startling the sushi chef directly across from me. I just couldn’t let it go, even though I knew that if I waited long enough it would come around again.


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