2MC on the Road: Oberon’s Tavern

Hey, it’s Thu. So I’ve been away for a while, but now I’M BACK! I’m on tour with my band, The Singer and The Songwriter, but it’s clear that since I’m traveling the country, I should review some of the best and worst of the road food we are eating. Unfortunately, Stu is not here with me to share in these adventures, but Rachel will be. So you’ll be seeing a little more of me in the weeks to come!

First stop of the tour was Ashland, OR. I called Oberon’s Tavern earlier in the day to see how late they would be serving their full menu, since I had my eye on the giant turkey leg (a la Disneyland). Their website tagline reads, “Ashland’s Most Ashlandiest Spot,” and true to their advertising, the guy that picked up the phone greeted me with a Disney/Rennaisance fair-worthy, “OBERRRRRAWWWN’S” very loud in my ear, which took me by surprise. Equally surprising is when I asked my question, he spoke to me in a totally unadorned voice: “Hey dude, we switch to the “Late Night” menu at 9pm.”

A bit of a bummer, but I ended up ordering the Shepard’s Pie and something called Monster fries. Which were both essentially made up of the same elements – cheese, potato, vegetables – but in different amalgamations.

The Shepard’s Pie was delicious and perfect for a cold evening in Oregon in a Shakesperean-themed tavern with a full suit of armor near the storefront window (Funny story: As a kid, I once saw a suit of armor in a store window and I told my older sister that I would get that one day when I had a lot of money. When I was 8 years old, a full suit of armor was my ultimate symbol of financial independence and all-out luxury). Things have really come full circle for me.

The Monster fries were addictively good, though they were not necessarily in “theme.” Oberon’s is cute with the kitschy name and decor, but it’s also cozy and serves great craft beers and tasty, hearty food. It’s a place that’s got it’s foot both in serving the tourists as well as the locals in Ashland. 

The Bangers and Mash were simple, straightforward and pretty good too. Don’t try to take these home and eat them the next day. They did not make for good leftovers. I’m not normally a huge fan of English cuisine, save for the occasional Fish n’ Chips, my Asian-ness usually pushes me toward spicier, tangier, more complex flavors, but when in Ashland…

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